Words of Encouragement for the week April 1-7

Hey guys here’s some more words of encouragement for this week. Always remember if you have been affected by a traumatic issue like this there are plenty of people to talk to. Talk to an adult you trust, call the hotline, or even a counselor/therapist if you need to just remember you are not alone. We Hear You and we are continuing to work hard in our community to spread awareness and make more people know your voice is heard.


Right now everything is tough but in time, things will get better. Just keep going through the process, healing takes time. -RC

The worlds worst storms prove the strength of our anchors. -PZ

You are a strong person, you will make this out, and you will be able to move on. You are loved, so go to love ones. -SF

Stay strong, I know you can get through it. You’re not alone. – KP


We also have a poster wall that includes words of encouragement in our local community in the library of our high school, if you are in school and would like to do the same it would be an awesome help to your community as well!



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